Dawn Paulsen Photo

After spending 10 years in financial services, Dawn has a strong business acumen, but her passion for building relationships and positively impacting others are factors that drive her day to day. While working in a corporation, Dawn founded her own floral design business, run out of her studio NYC apartment, which grew to serve clients ranging from high-end weddings to TV personalities. Her success in floral design stemmed from her sincere motivation to create lifelong memories for her clients. That’s what led her to real estate. Dawn is passionate about helping people make the right decisions, those that have a life changing, long lasting impact. Dawn brings this enthusiasm and integrity to West of Hudson.

In 2017, Dawn, her husband, Max, and their dog, Diggie, moved to Bloomfield from New York City to start a family. She fell in love with the surrounding neighborhood, the people, and the community. Originally from Massachusetts, Dawn and her family continue to deepen their roots in New Jersey with the recent addition of their one year old daughter, McKenna.

Dawn works earnestly for her clients, committed to driving toward the best outcome. She takes the same consultative and educational approach that brought her success in financial services and floral design. Dawn’s goal is to be a true partner for her clients, working to find and structure the right opportunities that will positively impact their lives for many years to come.

“I truly love everything about where I live. I couldn’t think of a better place to raise my daughter. I want that for my clients as well. I want others to find the same admiration for their home and community that we have found here in Essex County. Come join us out in the burbs!”