Viviana "Vivi" Rama

Sales Associate

Phone: 818.903.5940

Office: 973.337.6035



Vivi grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina and lived in Spain for several years before moving to the US in 2000. After a year in NYC, she moved to Los Angeles where she continued to forge a successful career as a sought after touring/session musician, playing with artists such as Kesha, Tegan and Sara, Ben Platt,, among others. Her ability to listen and understand the needs of those hiring her for projects helped her build a strong career in the music industry, skills she now confidently carries as a real estate agent.

While touring, she had the opportunity to explore her love for architectural and interior design in some of the most beautiful cities throughout the world. Her passion for Real Estate further grew while renovating her own properties, both in Buenos Aires and in Joshua Tree, CA. Her tenacious appreciation for quality and attention to detail lead her to take a role as project manager throughout these renovations. From supervising the construction to the interior design, building her own furniture while taking workshops, Vivi eventually turned these projects into uniquely modern and successful short-term vacation rentals.

Vivi resides in Glen Ridge with her wife and their two cats. She is excited to be part of the West of Hudson family as a dedicated, driven agent who looks forward to helping her clients forge their own real estate dreams and aspirations.