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West of Hudson is a women-owned, leading boutique real estate company with intimate knowledge of the communities and neighborhoods of the towns across Northern New Jersey. 

We were founded on one simple philosophy: clients come first. We treat every client with the same faithful respect, every process with the same tireless advocacy, and every deal with the same fierce negotiating skills.

Each of our clients benefits from our extensive individual experience and our amassed collective knowledge. For each of us our efforts are high, our advice is honest, and our understanding deep. We’re all about integrity, loyalty, and smarts. We won’t ask the impossible of you, but we will try to deliver it. For us, this isn’t a job, it’s an obsession.

When you get one of us, you get all of us.
And all of us is powered by you.


West of Hudson was founded in 2017 by Maria Vecchione, Irina Grobman, Robin Seidon, Leslie Kunkin and Susan Horowitz. With a head office in Montclair, New Jersey, they employ over 30 highly experienced realtors.

We believe that home is where life happens. It’s your cloud mine, your many happy returns, your rise and shine and your lights out. Home is for doorstep school photos, lemonade stands, yard sales, and cauldrons of candy. Playdates, dinner dates, updates and sell by dates. 

It’s for first keys, first babies, first times together and first times alone. It’s for trying our hardest and cutting some slack. We believe that buying or selling a house is about finance and feelings. That each homeowner lives by their own values, that each home has its own heartbeat. 

We believe that our values should be carried in our hearts and showed in our actions. It’s about knowing needs and exceeding them. In going a few extra miles.

We believe in integrity and honesty. In having knowledge, in staying fresh, in constant learning and striving to know more. We believe in being connected, to you, to the market, to the best and the brightest resources, and to the end goal, always. 

For all of us to grow, for each new journey to begin, for each crossroad to be reached, our homes go with us, full of all the feels. And that’s a home truth.

Make a client’s day, every day • Support our community
Build honest relationships • Pursue knowledge and use wisely
Be flexible and resourceful • Love what you do