Irina  Grobman Photo

I was born in Russia, grew up in Brooklyn, and spent my young adult life bouncing around New Jersey while commuting to NYC as a reality TV producer. Despite being a bit of a homebody and needing to have an emotional connection to my home, I’ve moved a lot in my life – I’ve lived in apartments and townhouses and single family homes, new constructions, old Victorians, and mid-century ranches – each of them feeling like the right fit for that point in my life. I bought and sold places before I, myself, was in real estate, and had no idea what I was doing. I’ve made many mistakes and learned a lot of lessons, and many of those experiences are still a blur. But fortunately, I had some great people whom I trusted who’ve helped walk me through the process and helped me get to where I wanted to go with my finances and sanity in tact. Now, as a realtor, I’m glad that I can be that person for others, someone who helps them navigate their way through the bumps and pitfalls of buying or selling a house while trying to find their way home, wherever that may be. It is also one of the biggest reasons I wanted to be a part of forming West of Hudson Real Estate – because I understand that buying a house is more than a financial transaction – it’s looking for a place to call home and as we all know, there’s no place like it!