Following successful careers in both advertising and nonprofit management, Suzy Kass decided to focus on residential real estate. As a first generation Italian, her father’s dream of assimilation was realized through home ownership. After establishing a nurturing home base, he believed, anything was possible. Suzy holds this view today.

Through business and life, Suzy has developed a diverse skill set that encompasses strong visual, communication, strategic, and organizational expertise. These competencies serve her clients well because desired results come from a strong grasp of the market, existing competition and the features unique to the property involved. Suzy understands these areas but is also attuned to the intangibles of the real estate process like motivation and personal priorities.

Suzy understands that she is more than an agent – she is a trusted confidant and partner in the realization of a dream or a necessity. She pays close attention to all of these details in order to position her clients for their preferred outcome.

Suzy Kass is thrilled to join West of Hudson Real Estate as its emphasis on the local market expertise, concierge client care and cutting edge business practice, coincide with Suzy’s core beliefs and ensure the excellence of every client experience.

Suzy has lived in the Montclair for over 20 years. She raised her sons here and knows the area extremely well. She takes great pleasure in sharing information that is personalized to meet the needs of every client….maybe it’s the jewel of a park few know about or the coffee shop where the writers in town routinely meet. Give her and call and discuss your vision for the future. She will make it her priority.

Suzy is a master rower and enjoys sculling on the Passaic River.