Tracey Mang Photo

In 2015, I made the move from the bustling streets of NYC to New Jersey, a decision that initially filled me with hesitation. Like many New Yorkers, I feared that I would be leaving behind the vibrant aspects of city life that I cherished. However, my fears were quickly put to rest when I discovered the charming town of Montclair. Living in Montclair has provided my growing family with the spacious living we needed while immersing us in a community that constantly enriches our lives with diverse experiences and culture. What’s more, the proximity to the big apple ensures that I can easily indulge in city life whenever I miss it.

My professional journey has been equally transformative. Formerly a corporate consultant, I found my true passion in real estate after years of dabbling in the field. This prompted me to make the leap into a career as a real estate agent. Having been a buyer, seller, vacation home owner, and investor myself, I deeply understand the emotional journey that real estate transactions can be. My goal is to guide my clients every step of the way, drawing from my 20+ years of experience as a consultant to provide a specialized and supportive approach.

Beyond the realm of real estate, I am actively involved in various social impact initiatives. I proudly serve as the Board Chair of Vietnamese Boat People, a nonprofit oral history project that I founded in 2018. In addition to my professional and philanthropic pursuits, I am a mother to two children attending Montclair public schools, a Girl Scouts troop leader, and a dog mom!